From Our Friends in New Mexico

The Central New Mexico Intergroup wish to invite us to attend their Silent Retreat October 26-28, 2018.  Click here for the flyer and click here for the brochure.

In addition, Please check out their newsletter with a writing submission, “My Three A’s of OA Recovery” written by one of our Dallas members.  Click here for their newsletter.

Thank you for reaching out and being great neighbors with the NM intergroup!

PODCAST anyone?

Can’t get to a meeting?


Listen to or download recordings of virtual workshops on a variety of topics.

Topics Include:



Twelve Steps

Twelve Traditions

OA Literature

Recovery from Relapse

Tools of Recovery

The Promises

Interviews with OA Members

This message is from the Region 3

Twelfth-Step-Within Committee (TSW),

Reaching out to those who still suffer and to

address relapse and recovery

Keep Coming Back, It Works When You Work It,

And You’re Worth It!!

Suggestion for OA events

Hello planners and workshop committee members! Here’s a reminder recently posted on January 2018 newsletter :

“We suggest the following OA Speaker Statement be read at all OA events:

OA speakers do not represent OA as a whole but speak from their own experience, strength and hope.  OA recognizes there are individual approaches and different concepts of working the Twelve Step program of recovery.  We all are reminded that our common disease and our common purpose unite us; differences in approaches to recovery need not divide us.  OA is strengthened when we honor and respect all by practicing unity with diversity.”    — Guidelines for OA Events(download from

Thank you Darlene for your submission!  Please feel free to submit articles, writings, poetry and announcements to for blog and calendar posting.

Want to see Colorado in the Fall?

2018 Fall Region III Convention and Assembly

Friday, October 12 though Sunday, October 14, 2018.

Come join us for a weekend of workshops focused on Your growth and OA fellowship in Colorful Colorado Springs.  There will be experience, strength and hope as we gather together to examine the key of ACCEPTANCE.

The committee is also seeking OA members who would like to speak or do an Activity on the Topic of Acceptance.  Please read more on the flyer.  Service is slimming!

Click here for the Flyer

Dallas Metroplex Intergroup (DMI) still needs you!

Please consider doing service if you have the abstinence requirements listed below.

Public information committee chair: 90 day abstinence requirement

Letters of Hope committee chair: 90 day abstinence requirement

Board Advisor: 1 year abstinence requirement

Institutions: 90 day abstinence requirement

Alternate Delegate: 1 year abstinence and service above group level

Treasurer starting July 2018: 1 year abstinence requirement

If you have any questions contact Dianne at or Penni at   Our next meeting will be held at the DMI Richardson office at 1pm on June 24, 2018.