Tri-County Fall Retreat November 3- 5, 2017

A Practical Journey Through the Twelve Steps

November 3rd – November 5th, 2017

Glen Lake Camp at Glen Rose Sponsored by Tri-County OA Intergroup

Our speaker is from California, in OA since 1981. 35 years sober in AA. 22 years abstinent in OA. Maintaining 105-110 pound weight loss. Has provided service in OA at the group, intergroup and regional level.

Flyer with full details below:

2017 OA Retreat Flyer 20170320 a

Help Wanted- UPDATE

Hello Everyone!  Dallas Metroplex Intergroup (DMI) needs you!  The following are service positions that need to be filled this month:

  • Board advisor (1 year abstinence)
  • Phone line (90 days abstinence)
  • Workshops (90 days abstinence)
  • Public information (90 days abstinence)
  • Letters of Hope (90 days abstinence)

Please attend our next meeting on Sunday, August 20th at 1pm, located at the Richardson DMI office: 331 Melrose, Suite 120 Richardson, TX 75080 .  The meeting is held every 3rd Sunday and lasts for 1 hour.  After you’ve been elected you may call in if unable to attend in person.  Please consider doing service.  If you are reading this, please make this announcement at the meetings you attend.  I challenge all intergroup representatives to attend this meeting and bring someone with you who would like to know more about what we do.  Let’s join together and help the organization that has done so much for us.

See you there!

Questions about sponsorship?

Listen to “Sponsorship Success”: a nine-part podcast series by members from various regions sharing their experience, strength, and hope with using the Tool of sponsorship. Learn more about: What is a Sponsor? Why should I get a sponsor? Why be a sponsor? What is the sponsor “job description”? What are different sponsoring styles? And more. PLUS, use the thought-provoking questions below each podcast title for writing exercises, discussion, or meditation.

The first three Sponsorship Success podcasts are now posted online and are available for free download. Find the podcasts online at What’s New at and on the Podcast page at

OA’s Tools of Recovery: Service

Any form of service that helps a reach fellow sufferer adds to the quality of our own recovery. Members can give service by getting to meetings, putting away chairs, putting out literature, and talking to newcomers. Beyond the group level, a member can serve as intergroup representative, committee chair, region representative, or Conference delegate. As OA’s responsibility pledge states, “Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion; for this, I am responsible.”

Ask yourself, what service do I perform?  Do I allow others the opportunity for service?  How is service a part of my program?  How has service aided me in my recovery?

Listen to OA’s Nine Tools of Recovery Podcast for more.

OA’s Nine Tools of Recovery

OA’s Tools of Recovery: Anonymity

Anonymity guarantees we will place principles before personalities and assures us that only we have the right to make our membership known within our community. Anonymity at the level of press, radio, films, television and other public media of communication means that we never allow our faces or last names to be used once we identify ourselves as OA members. Within the Fellowship, anonymity means that whatever we share with another OA member will be held in respect and confidence. What we hear at meetings should remain there.

When have you used anonymity in your program?  Consider how anonymity is important and why.

Listen to OA’s Nine Tools of Recovery Podcast for more.

OA’s Nine Tools of Recovery