Tri County Newsletter Notice

Important Notice – the tri-county newsletter editor recently lost the entire mailing list for the newsletter.  If you previously unsubscribed, please let her know again and she will remove your name.  If you know of someone who would like the newsletter but did not receive this January issue, please let them know to send a new request to and she will get their name added back.

Click here for the January 2019 edition of “Looking Up”

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received notice from : Newsletter Editor, Tri-County Intergroup, Fort Worth, Texas

Lifeline magazine

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The Fellowship of OA has supported Lifeline for fifty-four years. It has changed with time yet remained a constant source of experience, strength, and hope for OA members worldwide. Recently, the Board of Trustees determined that it’s time to rebalance Lifeline’s finances to make it self-supporting, so subscription prices are increasing by US$7 after December 31. Subscribe or renew now to save: buy a new online subscription or buy, renew, or extend your print subscription. Click here to order or call 1-505-891-2664 with your credit or debit card ready.

Please click here to learn more about our magazine.  

DMI Needs You!

Our Dallas Metroplex Intergroup has an urgent appeal for the following service positions:

Public information committee chair: 90 day abstinence requirement

Letters of Hope committee chair: 90 day abstinence requirement

Board Advisor: 1 year abstinence requirement

Institutions: 90 day abstinence requirement

In January 20, 2019 these terms will be up:

Chairperson, Dianne S. 1 year term, 1 year abstinence

Secretary, Jen  1 year term, 1 year abstinence

Tri-County, Frances  1 year term, 90 days abstinence

Website, Lisa O. 1 year term,  90 days abstinence

Workshop, Frances   1 year term,  90 days abstinence

Please consider doing service if you have the abstinence requirements listed.  You can nominate yourself when you attend the next meeting: Sunday, January 20, 1pm – 2pm at the Dallas Metroplex Intergroup Office, 331 Melrose, Suite 120 Richardson, TX 75080 

Click here for the duties description in our Policy Manual.

If you have any questions contact Dianne at or Penni at