About Our Intergroup

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Dallas Metroplex Intergroup  (DMI) Board Members

Chair: Bob J

Vice Chair and Delegate: Tonna B.

Treasurer: Tina

Secretary: Darlene L.

Board Advisor: Susan M.

Delegate and Regional Rep: Lara P.

Acting Regional Rap: Maureen

Phone Hotline: Kate F.

Webmaster and Newsletter Posts:  Lorie P.

DMI Liaison from Tri-County: Gail M.

Workshop Chair:

Public Information/Professional Outreach:

Tri-County Liaison from Dallas: Frances P.

WSO Delegates: Tonna B., Lara P.

12-Step Within:

Intergroup Reps:

Lee R., Valerie, Libby M., Meg, Stacy, Rita, Susan M.

DMI Documents

DMI Bylaws rev 05-2013

Current DMI Policy Manual updated August 19, 2018 

Region III Assembly Report Fall 2018

WSO Convention Spring Report 2018