12 Steps in 5 Hours Workshop

Workshop topic: We take the twelve steps of Overeaters Anonymous in just a few hours! Who came up with this idea?  Dr. Bob, the co-founder of AA.  As it is written on pages 171 and 263, the whole process used to be done in a few hours.

It is our hope and our prayer that we can recreate this experience during our workshop.

During our workshop we will determine which foods are alcoholic to us, and we will go from Step 1 to 12.

What to bring: Your lunch (Refrigerator and microwave available), Big Book,  Suggested donation $5.

When: Saturday, May 30, 2015
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 ish p.m.

Where : Faith United Presbyterian Church

12717 Marsh Lane

Farmers Branch, TX

For any questions please contact Dorothy  at d_buice@yahoo.com

April Tricounty Intergroup Newsletter

Click here to read the April newsletter from the Tricounty intergroup. Pay special  attention to the last page which details changes to a couple of Arlington meetings.  Enjoy and special thanks to our friends in the Tricounty intergroup for passing along their newsletter.

Also, a gentle reminder that the Dallas intergroup is still looking for a newsletter editor of our own. We will continue to go without a newsletter until the position is filled. The Dallas intergroup asks you to prayerfully consider pledging your service to this cause. If you have any questions about open service positions in the intergroup, please e-mail us at oadallasweb@gmail.com.

Tricounty Newsletter is out for March!

Since our intergroup’s newsletter is currently on hiatus due to the need of a Newsletter Editor, please enjoy the  OA Tricounty newsletter. Click Here to download the free pdf.

Attached also to the newsletter is  registration information about the “Faith, not Fear” Workshop being held in  Fort Worth on April 11th. For more information Click here.

Miss the convention? Or just want to relive the magic?

Make sure to order CDs of all of this weekend’s festivities. Whether you got snowed in and missed out on the fun, or went, but wanted to hear the speech in another room,  the discs are your best bet at getting the highlights of wisdom from all of our wonderful speakers.  The set for the entire weekend costs $75, and for that price you get to experience the  convention many times over.

Order the discs from classic copies by phone at (402) 238-7839  (Ask for Garry).

or by mail 5912 S. 14th St. Omaha, NE 68107

Unity Day

February 28 1:30 p.m. CST is Unity Day (last Saturday of February). This day recognizes the strength of the Fellowship worldwide. On the last Saturday in February, at 1:30 p.m. Central Standard Time OA members pause to reaffirm the strength of OA’s unity. Make sure to meditate on the importance of OA in your life. If you would like to journal on the topic of how OA’s unity has affected your life, and send the entries to oadallasweb@gmail.com,  I’ll post some of the entries on the page for your reflection.