Region III Convention

Join us March 24th-26th, 2017 for the OA Region III Assembly & Convention, hosted by Dallas Metroplex Intergroup.  This three-day event is centered around the principles of Discipline, Faith, and Willingness and will include speakers, workshops, raffles, yoga classes, and more!

Register online here or email with questions.

Download the flyer here and here.


Join the Region III Convention Planning Committee!

The following positions are available for service opportunities:

    1. Co-Chair (easy peasy, just hold the Chair’s hand)
    2. Assembly Asst. (Be the right hand for our Region 3 rep on Saturday from 8 to 5)

The Convention Planning Committee will meet:

Jan 7th at DFW at DFWHyatt Regency 1:45 meet in lobby for 2:00 pm tour, meeting to follow.

January 28 DMI at 2pm

February 18th DMI 2pm

March 4th DMI 2pm

March 18th DMI 2pm