About Our Intergroup

What is an Intergroup?  Two or more groups can form an intergroup (IG). The intergroup provides services to existing groups within its geographical area and spreads the OA message of recovery to those who still suffer.  There are about 30 Groups in the Dallas Metroplex Intergroup (DMI).

“For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority — a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.”
OA’s 2nd Tradition

Dallas Metroplex Intergroup  (DMI) Trusted Servants

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DMI Documents

DMI Bylaws rev 05-2013

Current DMI Policy Manual 

Region III Assembly Minutes

WSO Convention May 2016

Open DMI Positions

Board Advisor: Board Advisor shall perform but not be limited to the following duties:

  1. Be familiar with the Bylaws of OA-DMI, Inc., the Articles of Incorporation, theTwelve Traditions, Alcoholics Anonymous, AA Comes of Age, the TwelveConcepts of Service, and guidelines from WSO.
  2. Advise the Board of Directors so that they may ensure diligent adherence to theBylaws, the Articles of Incorporation, and the Twelve Traditions in any motion,procedure, or action of DMI or the Board of Directors.
  3. Register or have registered with the State of Texas as a designated agent for DMI.
  4. Seek legal assistance when authorized to do so by the Board of Directors or amajority of the IR.
  5. Notify immediately the Board of Directors of any pending litigation brought againstDMI.
  6. Be familiar with Robert’s Rule of Order (recent edition) and advise when requested.
  7. Maintain and update the DMI Policy manual. Keep the latest version of the Policymanual available on the DMI website. Post to the DMI website any DMI-approved changes to the Policy Manual within 30 days after the vote.

Phone Line Chair:

  1. Is responsible for overall management of the DMI hotline information telephone service.
  2. Work with the website director and public information and other committee Chairpersons regarding upcoming events.
  3. Record or arranges to record current greeting on the voice mail. Maintain a written back-up of this greeting and provides to Board of Directors.
  4. Coordinate with volunteers available to be listed as daytime contacts on the greeting.
  5. Reach out to groups to seek groups to retrieve messages on a monthly basis.
  6. Provide retrieval and response instructions to groups. Maintain a written back-up of instructions and provides to Board of Directors.
  7. Publish calendar of host groups in newsletter and/or website.
  8. Research cost effective voice mail service annually and advises Board of Directors.
  9. Research the publication timelines for the listing of the Hotline number in phonedirectories throughout the year and advises Board of Directors.
  10. Contact Newsletter editor to include a thank you note to participating groups to be    published in the current issue of Letters of Hope
  11. Try to carry the message of OA to the compulsive overeater who still suffers.

Letters of Hope Chair: Newsletter Director shall perform but not be limited to the following duties:

  1. Promote contributions of articles from OA members. Specify deadlines.
  2. Prepare and edit articles for publication.
  3. Prepare the lay-out for printing.
  4. Secure the best reasonable copy price for the newsletter.
  5. Finalize the newsletter for printing by the Wednesday prior to the Intergroup meeting.
  6. Have printed and ready for distribution at the monthly DMI meeting.
  7. The following items should be included in each issue:  Please refer to policy manual

Workshop Chair:

  1. Plan up to six (6) DMI workshops or seek individual groups to host workshops.
  2. Maintain a calendar of events to assist the groups in the selection of workshop dates to prevent scheduling conflicts.
  3. Update the DMI guidelines for workshops when necessary and give to the Board Advisor.
  4. Keep DMI informed of upcoming workshops.
  5. Work with OA groups requesting help with planning workshops.
  6. Read the guidelines from WSO concerning special events.
  7. Try to carry the message of OA to the compulsive overeater who still suffers
  8. (Please read more in policy manual)

Public Information Chair: Public Information Director shall perform, but not be limited to the following duties:

  1. Read and be familiar with the Public Information Kit from WSO, all OA literature and material, Alcoholics Anonymous, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, The OA Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Concepts of Service. Read WSO “Notebook” to keep informed of new OA guidelines and statements. Always strive to preserve Tradition Eleven by protecting anonymity at the public level.
  2. Provide sample news releases for new groups starting. Keep record and copies of published articles.
  3. Send literature to persons requesting information about OA.
  4. Help coordinate OA activities with health fairs, community affairs, service directors, the Chamber of Commerce, etc.
  5. Help with publicity for special events such as workshops and retreats.
  6. Ask for guidance from the DMI chairperson and/or Board Advisor, if there are questions about following the OA Traditions.
  7. Try to carry the message of OA to the compulsive overeater who still suffers.