DMI Needs You to do some Service!

Our Dallas Metroplex Intergroup has an urgent appeal for the following service positions:

Public information committee chair: 90 day abstinence requirement

Letters of Hope committee chair: 90 day abstinence requirement

Tri County representative: 90 day abstinence requirement

On February 17, 2019 we had elections for the following service positions that expired in January:

Chairperson, Dianne S. 1 year term

Secretary, Anna C.  1 year term

Board Advisor, Brett 1 year term

Website, Lisa O. 1 year term, will continue until we have a volunteer

Workshop, Frances   1 year term

Please consider doing service if you have the abstinence requirements listed.  You can nominate yourself when you attend the next meeting: Sunday,  March 17, 2019 at the Dallas Metroplex Intergroup Office, 331 Melrose, Suite 120 Richardson, TX 75080 

Click here for the duties description in our Policy Manual.

If you have any questions contact Dianne at or Penni at