OA.org has a New Look!

Now oa.org does even more to attract newcomers and help members find program information faster, plus it’s designed to look great on any computer or mobile device.

The new homepage speaks directly to still-suffering compulsive eaters, directing them first to the Fifteen Questions and Find a Meeting.

OA members can find comprehensive information, resources, and support to work the program in the Members section of the website atoa.org/members—bookmark this link for faster access and click “Menu” at the top to explore everything available.

Similarly, OA groups and service bodies can find important documents and information in the Groups/Service Bodies section atoa.org/groupsservice-bodies.

Other new and improved features include:

With our new site, OA is ready to attract newcomers from around the globe and help strengthen recovery for compulsive overeaters and those with compulsive food behaviors.

Look for similar improvements to the Spanish and French websites in the future.