“Bringing the Steps Home” – FREE eBook in PDF

The Tri-County Intergroup is offering a holiday gift to all.  This is compilation of the Tri-County groups’ Abstinence Journey this year can be a wonderful addition to your meditations and prayer exercises.

Bringing the Steps Home Meditations 2013

(download PDF)

From the Tri-County Intergroup Newsletter Editor:

“We have journeyed this last 12 months together looking at the Steps and how they shape our lives and our recovery.  Here is a gift of that journey made up as an E-Book so that you can continue your meditation on the power of our HP and the program’s place in your life.

Happy and abstinent holidays to one and all.”

This e-book is presented as a gift from the TCI Newsletter Staff. There is no charge for the pdf booklet and you are allowed to freely distribute to your friends who might enjoy these mediations.

If you would like to make a donation to the “Tri-County Intergroup Retreat Fund” to help create scholarships for those in need, please see your TCI Representative and make checks payable to “TCI Intergroup”

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