Parlez-vous Français? Bienvenue à Outremangeurs Anonymes!

French-speaking OA members and others around the world now have access to OA’s Web site in their native language. The site,, features much of the same content as OA’s English site, including sections for Newcomers (Nouveaux venus), Members/Groups (Membres/Groupes), Media/Professionals (Médias/Professionnels) and World Service Events (Événements des Services Mondiaux).

A link to “Documentation en français” takes users directly to the Web site of OA in Montreal, Canada, which offers a large selection of French-language literature. If users click on “Trouver une rencontre,” they will find links to help them find face-to-face meetings in Canada, France, Belgium, and Switzerland, as well as online or telephone meetings. The new site also includes a French podcast of an interview with an OA member who shares her program experiences.