Open and recently filled service positions at Dallas Intergroup

We have new trusted servants at the Intergroup level.  We are all appreciative of these fellows who have taken these service positions to serve all the OA groups in the Dallas Metroplex Intergroup (DMI).

Recently Filled positions

Chair, Cynthia S,
Secretary, Karen Y,
Board Advisor, Kay S,
Workshops, Wanda
2014 Region 3 Convention Chair/Liaison, Joy C,

Open Positions

Don’t yet have a service position?  Well don’t despair!  There are still several Intergroup service positions open.  Remember the tool of service helps your program!

All of these are 1 year terms of office. For more details, see our DMI Policy Manual (January 2009).

Literature (1 year abstinence)
Retreats (90 days abstinence)
Public Information (90 days abstinence)
Ways & Means (90 days abstinence)
Tri-County Liaison (90 days abstinence)
Phone Hotline (90 days abstinence)