NEW! Expanded Spanish Literature Offerings from WSO

The WSO has expanded its Spanish literature offerings by publishing the following items:

  • Sólo Por Hoy (For Today#984S/US$9.50
  • Guía Para El Inventario Del Cuatro Paso (Fourth-Step Inventory Guide#491S/US$4.50
  • Los Miembros De OA Vienen En Todos LosTamaños (OA Members Come in All Sizes#110S/US$1.25
  • Apadrinando Con Los Doce Pasos (Sponsoring Through the Twelve Steps#220S/US$.75
  • A La Familia Del Comedor Compulsivo (To the Family of the Compulsive Eater#240S/US$.25
  • Al Adolescente (To the Teen#280S/US$.60
  • Damos La Bienvenida Al Hombre Que Desea Dejar De Comer En Exceso Compulsivamente (To the Man Who Wants to Stop Compulsive Overeating, Welcome#290S/US$.50

*US Shipping: $5 for orders up to $24.99, 20% of orders $25 to $59.99, 17% of orders $60 to $99.99, 12% of orders $100 and up. Expedited orders can only be placed by phone. Email for shipping charges outside the US.

In addition, El Libro de Trabajo de los Doce Pasos de Comedores Compulsivos Anónimos (The Twelve-Step Workbook of OA) is now available as an e-publication. This  is a PDF download that gives you unlimited space to type your answers to the questions.#992SV/$5.00